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Heart & Home Scented Candles

Heavenly scented candles from Heart & Home

The scented candles made of soy wax from Heart & Home create a stylish ambience and with the large selection of room scents there is something suitable for every mood and every season. The irresistible fragrances are guaranteed to stimulate the senses and transform any home into a true oasis of fragrance.

For Heart & Home it is a continuous concern to promote sustainable environmental standards. As a natural product, soy wax is not only environmentally friendly, it is also fragrance-conserving and organically degradable. A Heart & Home candle not only meets the highest demands in terms of fragrance, but also convinces with regard to durability and clean combustion.


What is so special about Heart & Home?

  • The decorative screw cap ensures a unique design and creates safety between the individual firing units. If the glass is lifted by the lid, the lid sits firmly on the glass.
  • The silicone seal, which is integrated in the lid, guarantees maximum preservation of the freshness of the fragrance.
  • The curved glass edge encloses the heat in the glass, which prevents tunneling.
  • The wick is made of 100% natural materials and rotates so that the tip points into the hottest part of the flame, reducing carbon deposits.
  • The natural soy wax mixture burns cleanly. The lower wax pool temperature allows the fragrance to unfold better.
  • The bulbous glass bottom protects surfaces from the heat.