Heart & Home Scented Candle Fresh Linen Large Jar 340 g / 11.99 oz.
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Heart & Home Scented Candle Fresh Linen Large Jar (340 g / 11,99 oz.)

Pure freshness! The "Fresh Linen" scented candle in a large jar from Heart & Home is a true feel-good scent that reminds you of fresh linen fluttering in the wind. The candle envelops the room in a fresh, pure and clean scent.dambiro

Fragrance pyramid of Fresh Linen:

  • Top note: violet
  • Heart note: pear
  • Base note: woody aromas, floral notes

The scented candle in the large jar has a burning time of up to 75 hours.

The scented candles by Heart & Home are made from environmentally friendly soy wax, which allows them to burn cleanly and for longer. The recyclable and biodegradable soy wax has a lower soot formation than paraffin candles and thus ensures a cleaner environment. The high and even fragrance intensity of the candles remains equally constant from the first to the last burning. Even though the candles in the jar must always be placed on a heat-resistant surface, the specially designed base ensures that it does not get too hot.


The right candle care

Avoid a tunnel effect

The so-called "tunnel effect" occurs when the scented candle burns downwards in a tunnel-like manner around the wick, reducing the brightness of the flame and burning an unnecessary amount of wax. To avoid this, the candles should always burn until the wax pool has liquefied to the edge of the glass. This takes about 1.5 hours for the scented candles in the large jar. If this is taken into account, the maximum burning time is achieved, all the wax is used up, the jar contains less wax residue and the flame burns brighter.

Avoiding the formation of soot flowers

After burning several times, the wick tip often forms a shape that resembles a flower. The reason for this is that the candle has been burning for too long. Therefore, the candle should be extinguished after three hours at the latest and the wick shortened to 5 mm. After that, the candle can be lit again. The result is a longer burning time and a clean burning of the candle.

Re-centring a slipped wick

If the wick slips sideways during burning and the glass becomes very hot on one side and the wax burns unevenly, the wick should be re-centred. To do this, extinguish the candle and let the wax cool down a little. Then the wick can be gently pressed back into the right position, for which a metal rod or knife can be used as an aid. The wax will then burn more evenly again, there will be less soot and the jar will no longer be so hot.

Close the jar correctly with the lid

If the lid is not put on correctly, it cannot close properly and can come off the jar when the candle is lifted. To avoid this, the lid should first be pressed down when putting it on and then turned so that the closing mechanism works properly. This prevents the risk of breakage.

Avoid colour changes of the wax

As soy wax is a natural product, it may react to extreme temperature differences. Although the burning quality remains unaffected, it is advisable to consider the respective environmental conditions when using and storing the scented candle. Therefore, the candles should not be stored in cold places and should not be exposed to direct sunlight. Scented candles keep best if they are stored at room temperature. This preserves the natural aesthetic appearance of the soy wax candles.

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