Heart & Home Oud Bloom Scented Candle Large Jar 340 g / 11,99 oz.
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Heart & Home Oud Bloom Scented Candle

Treat yourself to an aromatic bouquet of sensual rose, which combines with the lush, decadent notes of agarwood the perfect symbiosis.

Top notes: geranium, raspberry, rose
Heart notes: leather, incense, cedarwood
Base note: amber, oud wood

Burning time up to 75 hours

Heart & Home has always strived to create the world's best soy wax scented candle. Choosing soy wax as the main component plays a fundamental role here for the following reasons.

  • Soy wax burns cleaner than comparable waxes based on paraffin.
  • The burning time per gram is longer.
  • As a natural product, it is more environmentally friendly.
  • Soy wax is recyclable and organically degradable.
  • It burns at a lower temperature and is therefore safer to use.
  • The lower soot formation ensures a cleaner environment.

Other factors:

  • Heart & Home guarantees not only a high, but also a uniform fragrance intensity, so that it remains constant from the first to the last burn.
  • The fragrance intensity is not only experienced when it burns, but also when it is cold.
  • The stylish lids are equipped with a unique snap lock mechanism, which not only contributes to the visual attractiveness of the products, but also ensures that they do not break when lifted.

candles care

Avoid tunnel effect

Case: The so-called "tunnel" is created when the scented candle burns down like a tunnel around the wick, reducing the brightness of the flame and burning unnecessarily much wax.

Reason: the scented candle did not burn long enough.

Tip: If you let the scented candle burn for the first time so that the wax pool liquefies up to the outer edges of the glass, you create a so-called "first burning pattern", which follows all other burning processes so that the tunnel effect does not occur. This pooling time for the 340g scented candles is approximately 1.5 hours.

Result: maximum burning time, all wax is burned off, the glass contains fewer wax residues and the flame burns brighter.

Formation of a soot flower

Case: After burning several times, the tip of the wick forms a shape that is reminiscent of a flower.

Reason: The scented candle burned too long, usually more than three hours.

Tip: turn off the scented candle after three hours at the latest, shorten the wick to 5 mm and light the scented candle again.

Result: Longer burning time and consistently clean burning.

Wick in a roundabout way

Case: One side of the scented candle glass gets very hot.

Reason: During the burning process, the wick slipped sideways, causing one side of the glass to overheat and the wax to burn unevenly.

Tip: When the wick is no longer in the center, let the scented candle cool and gently press the wick back into the correct position. Use a metal rod or knife to do this.

Result: The wax burns evenly, less soot is created and the glass side no longer overheats.
In contrast to many other glass candles, the base specially designed by Heart & Home does not become too hot and ensures that wax is not wasted.
Please always remember to place the scented candle on a heat-resistant surface.

Close the jar with the lid

Case: The lid does not close and can come off the glass when it is lifted.

Reason: The lid was not put on correctly.

Tip: The lid must first be pressed down and then turned for the locking mechanism to work.

Result: Reduces the risk of breakage and guarantees a perfect visual presentation.

Pure nature problem

Case: slight color changes.

Reason: Since soy wax is a natural product, it may react to extreme temperature differences. Although the burning quality should remain unaffected by this, it is advisable to observe the respective environmental conditions when using and storing the Heart & Home scented candle.

Tip: Do not store scented candles in cold places, e.g. in winter away from windows and avoid direct sunlight. Scented candles hold best if they are kept at room temperature if possible.

Result: scented candle preserves its naturally aesthetic appearance.

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