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Often we forget it, but the complete care of the hands also includes hand and foot care. Both our hands and our feet are stressed every day. Therefore, it is important to maintain their skin.

The hands are almost as important as our face, because they are almost always visible. Moreover, the signs of the times are very early in our hands.

At the latest in the summer our feet have a great appearance and to make it as spectacular as possible, the right foot care is important all year round.

In order to give our hands and feet both a beautiful aspect and keep them healthy, we must cultivate them properly.

Skin care on hands and feet

The skin of the hands and feet is subjected to severe stress. Our hands are e.g. Almost always exposed to environmental influences such as sunshine, damp weather, dry heat and cold temperatures. In addition, we use the skin of the hands very much by the daily work, whether in the household or at the workplace. In addition, the skin on the hands is very thin and due to the few sebaceous glands can store only small amounts of moisture. The hands become quickly dry, brittle and cracked. To prevent this, extensive hand care is necessary. With proper hand care, the skin is not only moisturizing, it also protects it from UV rays, early skin aging and pigment spots.

Our feet are also heavily strained and are similarly endangered by dehydration as the hands. Result may be painful cornea and cracking. In order to prevent this, a balanced moisture protection is also advisable. In addition to foot creams, other foot care products such as foot baths, foot deodorants, special soaps and body powders are also available for foot care.

Find the right hand and foot care products

In our online shop you have a wide selection of hand and foot care products. We offer a large number of moisturizing care products as well as anti-aging products, etc. The brands in our range include Tesori d'Oriente, Milmil, Glicemille, Dottor Ciccarelli, Cera di Cupra, Hanorah and Leocrema.