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Hair Wax

The right hair styling with hair wax

Hair wax is not only suitable for short hair, but also for the styling of medium and long hair. It is, so to speak, a real Allroundtalent and perfect for those who love a flexible hair style and want to set an accent.

What is the difference between hair wax and hair gel?

Hair wax is stronger from consistency than hair gel. Since, however, hair wax does not contain as much water as hair gel, it behaves differently when drying in the hair. In contrast to the hair gel, the wax is not hard. It remains flexible, but gives the hair anyway. How strong the hold of hair wax is depends on the product. Hair wax is available in different strengths. In order to remove the hair wax from the hair you have to wash it, with simple combing, as with some hair gels, it is unfortunately not done.

The benefits of hair wax

The wax protects the hair from breakage and split ends. In addition, it has valuable ingredients that cultivate the hair and give it a sparkle.

How is hair wax applied?

To use the hair wax, apply a small amount to the palm of the hand and rub it. The warmth of the body makes the wax softer and easier to incorporate into the hair. Then spread the hair wax in the hair and knead it well. The hairstyle can then be styled at will.

Tip: Never take too much hair growth, as the hair can look greasy and straggly. A pea-sized amount is adequate for medium hair.

What can hair wax be used for?

Hair wax is very versatile and can therefore be used for quite different hairstyles.

Short hair styling can of course be styled with hair wax. Hair wax is ideal for an out-of-bed look, where the hair strands protrude from the head. To stylize the look, just a little hair wax in the hair, then curl up well and finally still individual
Strands twist in themselves.

Medium length and long hair are also suitable for styling with hair wax. The wax can be e.g. Can only be worked into the tips, which makes for more structuring and stressing, especially for step cuts. In the hair approach, on the other hand, the hair wax ensures more volume.

Likewise, curls with hair wax can be brought out to the full as the styling product gives them tension and brilliancy.

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