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Hair Tonic

Extra care for the hair and the scalp with hair tonic

Hair tonic, unlike the name suggests, is primarily a care for the scalp. However, if the scalp is healthy, it also has a positive effect on the hair. There are different hair tonics which treat different problems of scalp and hair. From more volume to dandruff control to hair loss relief, everything is there.

What is hair tonic good for?

Hair tonic is especially important for the care of the scalp. It can relieve itching, act against dry skin, prevent dandruff, fight it and promote hair growth or counteract it by strengthening the hair roots.

In addition to these sophisticated hair tonics, there are also very simple, which simply provide for a better styling of the hair, as well as more volume and shine.
In general it can be said that hair tonic helps to ensure that both the scalp is healthy and the hair itself, which is expressed in a full hair splendor that looks healthy and well-groomed.

Hair tonic is equally suitable for both men and women.

How is hair tonic used?

Hair tonic can be used daily and massaged on the scalp immediately after washing the hair. Then the hair can be styled normally. Rinsing the hair tonic is not necessary. Hair tonic can be used on both dry and damp hair. It is important that it is placed directly on the scalp and massaged in there.

The pleasant side effect of hair tonic

Apart from the valuable ingredients of the hair tonic, which both maintain the scalp and the hair as well as for a lush mane and healthy scalp, the hair tonic has much more to offer: It smells super good. Actually, every hair tonic smells pleasant, most fresh, others spicy. Thus, unpleasant odors can be pretended, which sometimes emanate from the scalp, especially when it is irritated and tends to grow heavily. Hair tonic is not only used for healthy hair, but also for pleasant freshness.

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