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Hair Spray

Hair lacquer for the perfect hold of the hairstyle

Hair lacquer is particularly well suited for fixation of hairpieces or short hair cuts, which need a very firm hold. The hair lacquer gives an extreme hold, which guarantees that it remains hair style in shape. In addition, it gives a chic glow through the lacquer-like layer, which is sprayed on the hair.

For which hairstyles do you use hair lacquer?

Hair lacquer is suitable for all hair styles, which should remain in shape. For example, Short hair cuts with the hair raised. However, hair lacquer is also suitable for the fixation of tunnels or plug-in haircuts. It can also be used to fix only a part of the hairstyle. It is to be noted that hair color becomes hard and the hair or the hair is not flexible for this reason. The hair can not blow in the wind but is firm and stiff.
Hair varnish also lends hair to shine due to the texture of the hair varnish. As the name implies, the coat of hair is laid on the hair like a lacquer. This varnish layer not only strengthens the hair but also shines. Particularly with elaborate plug-in haircuts, this luster can look particularly noble.

How to use hair lacquer?

The hair lacquer is sprayed from approx. 30 cm away from the dry, styled hair.
To remove hair from the hair you have to wash them. Pure brushing is unfortunately not possible, since the product adheres too strongly to the hair.

What is the difference between hair lacquer and hair spray?

Hair spray does not make the hair as hard as hair lacquer. A hairstyle fixed with a hair spray is still elastic. The wind can still blow through the hair. However, this is not possible with a hairstyle fixed with hair lacquer.

The hair spray can also be easily combed out again. After the spray is combed, the hair is again normal, without having to wash it.

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