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Mild shampoos for babies and children

Personal care for babies and children is an important topic, which is necessary on the one hand and on the other hand, the little ones should get used to it as early as possible so that they can carry out the body care alone later. An important part of the body care is, of course, the washing of the hair. In order to allow babies and children to wash the hair as much as possible and do not flow tears, there are special children's shampoos, which are particularly mild, do not burn in their eyes and smell good.

Children's shampoos for washing your hair without tears

With the right shampoo for children is also the washing of the hair. Often, children do not like to get their hair washed at all because they do not want them to run water over their heads and face or they are afraid of burning in their eyes. In order to make the washing of the hair as pleasant as possible for the children, it is important to use a mild shampoo that gently cleans and nourishes the sensitive scalp. On the other hand, it is extremely important that the shampoo does not burn in the eyes. Thus, the experience of washing the hair is much more positive for the child.
In addition, it is advisable to make the bathing or showering with the hair washing playful. The beautiful designs of the shampoo bottles, which are often provided with pretty drawings, also help. The delicious scent of the froth also encourages funny froth furries during the hair wash.

Tip for the hair washing of children

Get used to washing your child's hair in the baby's age. Although a baby does not need hair shampoo with shampoo, the child can be prepared and accustomed to it. In the first months of life, when the baby does not have thick, long hair on its head, it is enough to wash the fluff with a wet sponge without shampoo. In order to prepare the baby for the later washing of the hair, and especially to accustom water to the face, it is advisable to allow the baby to run a bit of water over the head and the face while bathing or head washing. Thus, the child gets used to it and does not fear later when washing his hair, when water runs over his eyes, nose and mouth.

Buy mild children's shampoos online

In our shop you can buy a variety of mild children's shampoos online. The products from our assortment guarantee a tear-free washing of the hair, since they do not burn in the eyes. We run children's shampoos from brands such as SapoNello, milmil, Malizia Baby and Johnson's baby.