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HA-THA Natural Essences

Wellness cosmetics for body & soul

Natural cosmetics with tradition! The HA-THA brand of wellness products skilfully combines tradition and the present day and ensures a holistic sense of well-being day after day.

The history of the products goes back a long time. They originate in Northern India, at the palace of Prince Siddharta, the later Buddha. He commissioned his personal physician to develop purely natural products for the well-being and health of his people. This is how the original recipe of today's HA-THA Herbal Bottle and HA-THA Herbal Balm Classic was created.

The brand's products are based on the fundamentals of modern Asian spa culture and combine the Western art of perfumery with the latest European organic certification. Values such as fair trade and sustainable production free of animal testing also ensure a clear conscience among consumers and lead to pure well-being even on an ethical level.