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Gucci perfumes
The exclusivity of Gucci as a fragrance

Gucci  is an Italian haute couture brand founded by Guccio Gucci , a master saddler in 1921 in Florence. Specializing in leather goods he made from the hat box to the cabinet suitcase everything . With the High-quality goods " Guccio Gucci  " celebrated a great success. Over the years, Gucci also increased with its fashion lines and jewelry collections . After the death of fashion designer , the sons took over the leadership of the brand. Today, the collection includes not only fashion lines such as bags, jewelry, shoes, bags and also a wide selection of men's and women's fragrances .

The Gucci  Fragrances from natural ingredients. Gucci fragrances are characterized by their elegance and are suited for special occasions, but also for every day has Gucci satchel Ask devised . Gucci tries to mirror the needs of both man and woman in his creations.

In our online shop you will find a wide selection of men's and women's fragrances from Gucci in dambiro you will find classics such as " Gucci Pour Homme2 " or " Gucci Envy me" .