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Giorgio Armani, an Italian fashion designer who was born in Piacenza in 1934. His first encounter with the fashion world took place in a department store in Milan (la Rinascente). Subsequently, he was responsible for Nino Cerrutti. Finally, Giorgio Armani decided to start his own label with his friend Sergio Galeotti in the mid-1970s. Thus, the beginning of "Giorgio Armani S.p.A" was made.

He quickly made the breakthrough and over the years he built up his own empire. His fashion creations were very popular with Hollywood stars like Richard Gere. Armani could remarkably well show the feeling of fashion in everyday life and showbusiness. Both his men's and ladies' skirts gained rapidly popularity through their classic, timeless and glamorous line. Giorgio Armani is the expression of passion and luxury. His gentlemen like Acqua di Gió, Armani Code etc. convey a masculine, mysterious and yet very natural appearance.

Giorgio Armani grew up in a small town outside Milan, with his two siblings Sergio and Rosanna. Giorgio developed early an interest in human anatomy. He studied for 2 years at the University of Medicine. His fascination for the human being, ultimately the spark that has allowed him to make his fashion world-famous. Even today, Giorgio Armani is the sole owner and managing director of the fashion magazine. In addition to his collection of men and women, Giorgio Armani also created swimwear, children's wear, accessories and beautyproducts.


His quote:

 "My dream destination: Pantelleria, an island between sky and water, the Moorish wind blows, and the air is like a perfume like Acqua di Gió". Giorgio Armani

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