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GEOMAR Hair Removal

Hair Removal Products from GEOMAR

GEOMAR Depilazione is a product line for fast, comfortable and effective removal of unwanted hair. The line contains cold wax strips for quick hair removal, which are available in the two versions "Face & Bikini Area" and "Legs & Arms".

Those who prefer hair removal with warm wax will also find what they are looking for. Because GEOMAR Depilazione offers all the products needed for this: wax cartridges with 100 ml content for normal or sensitive skin, a professional heater for the wax cartridges and matching fleece strips made of high-quality, soft material.

Really practical: in our online shop you can order the GEOMAR products for hair removal with warm wax in a practical set. This is how you order the heater, the matching wax cartridge and the fleece strips with just one click. The set is available for normal or sensitive skin.

Smooth, soft skin without disturbing hair - GEOMAR hair removal products ensure a professional result that lasts for a long time.