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Gandini perfumes
GANDINI PERFUME Perfume is an old High protagonist of the most learned Italian tradition.

His story, from birth in 1896, is interwoven with the life of Alexander the intense and profound Gandini, pharmacist and alchemist lit, which gave life to memorable fragrances and refined, unique creations that have become, over the years, the fragrance of timeless era.

Alessandro Gandini has created in the first half of the last century fragrances that perfume the story of those years and now returning to live with a new image and allure.
Reworking the ancient ingredients that preserve the flavor of tradition in different eras, perfumes Gandini continue to celebrate the beauty and the art of seduction with selected fragrances inspired by the past and reinterpreted with extraordinary modernity, being faithful to the tradition of the perfume house Gandini.