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GEOMAR - body care with ingredients from the Dead Sea

The Italian brand GEOMAR is well-known for the fact that almost all products contain valuable ingredients from the Dead Sea and algae. Especially popular and effective are the Thalasso Scrubs from GEOMAR, which are proven to reduce cellulite. However, the brand not only offers anti-cellulite products, but also has a wide range of products ranging from personal care to face care products to hair removal products and sun protection products.

The anti-cellulite treatments from GEOMAR

The most widely known and successful branch of GEOMAR is undoubtedly the anti-cellulite field. Here, GEOMAR has a wide selection of body scrubs with seaweed, salts and valuable active ingredients from the Dead Sea. But not only peels reduce the cellulite, but also purifying mud packs and various gels and creams. These anti-cellulite products can also be combined wonderfully, guaranteeing a comprehensive, complete and above all effective anti-cellulite treatment.

The hair removal products from GEOMAR

The hair removal products from GEOMAR are also very popular and popular. Particularly noteworthy are the hot and cold waxes for effective hair removal. The Italian manufacturer offers a clean and easy-to-handle solution for hair removal with hot wax thanks to a roll-on applicator with integrated heating device. The refill cartridges for this applicator are available for different types of skin, so even people with the most sensitive skin can rely on the method of hair removal with warm wax. In addition, GEOMAR naturally also supplies cold wax strips and care products, which are applied after depilation and soothe and soothe the skin.

The facial care of GEOMAR

GEOMAR attaches great importance to natural ingredients. In the case of the face line "Viso" the brand is particularly important and guarantees that 95% of all ingredients are of natural origin. In addition, a large portion of organic farming is produced. In addition, the face care products of GEOMAR are free of paraben, mineral oils, silicones and bleaching agents. The fragrances in the products do not contain any allergens.

The GEOMAR sun protection

Sunscreens are incredibly important to protect themselves from skin diseases such as sunglasses, Mallorca acne and in the worst case skin cancer. Early skin aging can also be avoided with a good sun protection. In the style of the brand, GEOMAR offers high-quality sun protection products with valuable algae extracts, which not only protect the skin from the harmful UV radiation, but also supply it with all important nutrients and cultivate it intensively.