Felce Azzurra Soap 40 Items

Felce Azzurra Soap

Splendid scented soap from Paglieri

The liquid soaps of Paglieri are distinguished by their mild pH-value and their creamy consistency. Ideal for hand care since it is enriched with skin-protecting elements. In addition, they are an effective barrier against external influences.

The liquid soaps from Paglieri are available in five different fragrances.
Classico - The traditional fragrance of Felce Azzurra, the fragrance of well-being.

Elegant - The elegant fragrance, noble and refined for a beautiful skin.

Dolce - The warm and inviting scent that caress your skin.

Fresco - The lively fragrance, which gives a pleasant and lasting feeling of freshness.

Ambrato - The hypnotic scent that evokes strong emotions.