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Night Care

Night care to support the skin regeneration

Night care in combination with a healthy, restful sleep helps with the natural regeneration of the skin overnight. At night the skin works differently than during the day. The cells are more active, blood circulation is increased and certain hormones are released. Thus the skin recovers from the strains of the day and regenerates. In order to support the skin, sufficient sleep is important - and of course a good night cream.

Skin regeneration in combination with healthy sleep

In addition to good night care, healthy, restful sleep is particularly important in order to optimally support the skin during regeneration. Because if we only sleep for a short time or badly, the skin also suffers from lack of sleep and stress. The regeneration process does not take place, which can be clearly seen on the skin. In addition to good night care, sleep behaviour is also an essential aspect of beautiful skin.

What is the difference between a day and a night care?

The difference between a day and a night care is noticeable in the texture. Night care is often richer and more greasy than day care. Day creams, on the other hand, are rather light and do not re-grease so much that they can also be applied under make-up.

Night care is usually rich in nourishing ingredients and often has a strong moisturising effect. After all, the skin has all night to absorb the active ingredients of the care products and thus support the skin in its natural regeneration.

Night care is designed to help the skin regenerate at night and not to protect it from daily environmental influences like day care, so night care does not require UV filters or a sun protection factor.

The right night care for every skin type

Although night care is generally richer and more greasy than day care, there are also differences in night care products. Who has very oily skin should fall back on a not quite so rich night care. On the other hand, a very oily night care is a welcome option especially for extremely dry skin or in winter. Especially anti-aging creams are very popular as night care, as they are particularly effective in the regeneration phase of the skin.

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