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Facial Care

The right facial care for everyone

The right facial care is the key to beautiful facial skin. No matter if you tend to oily or rather dry skin, if you have impure skin or if you want to fight wrinkles - with the right facial care you will soon be able to look forward to well-groomed, smoother and brighter facial skin.

The right facial care

There is no universal facial care as the care must always be individually adapted to the skin type. Of course, you first have to find out what skin type you have and what special needs it entails.

The different skin types

Roughly speaking, the skin can be divided into the following skin types:

Normal skin: This is uncomplicated skin that is neither too dry nor too oily.

Dry skin: The skin suffers from a lack of moisture, is often very soft and has fine pores.

Oily skin: The skin produces too much sebum, has coarse pores and often shines.

Combination skin: This is a combination of dry and oily or normal skin. Typical for combination skin is the T-zone around the forehead, nose and chin, which often shines greasy. The skin around the eyes and cheeks, on the other hand, is rather dry.

Once you have identified the right skin type, you can start with targeted facial care. The basis of every good facial care is facial cleansing, because before applying a care product, the skin should be freed of impurities so that the active ingredients of the facial cream can penetrate the skin well and act optimally.

Facial cleansing

For facial cleansing there are various products, such as cleansing gel, cleansing milk, facial toner or gentle peelings. In addition, there are special make-up remover wipes and make-up remover. Even with facial cleansing products, care should be taken to ensure that they suit the skin type and special needs. In the case of very sensitive skin, for example, care should be taken that cleansing products without alcohol are used.

Moisturizing care

After facial cleansing, the skin should be pampered with a moisturizing facial care. There are also various products, ranging from a compact consistency that is slightly greasy or oily to a very light and non-greasy consistency. Depending on the skin type, an appropriate consistency and composition can be chosen, whereby lighter facial creams or emulsions are suitable for oily and combination skin and more oily creams for dry to very dry facial skin.

The face cream as day care or night care

The difference between a day care and a night care is often found in the ingredients and the mode of action.†

Day care usually protects the skin from environmental influences such as sun, cold, dust or dry air. Many day creams have an integrated UV filter and often also a sun protection factor.

Night care usually has a regenerating effect because the skin naturally recovers and regenerates at night. Night care supports this natural function of the skin.

Anti-Aging care products

Anti-aging care products are a special form of moisturizing facial creams. Anti-aging creams have special ingredients, such as antioxidants, Q10, UV filters or other to counteract the aging process of the skin and smooth out wrinkles

Special care products for eyes and lips

The skin around the eyes and lips is particularly soft and sensitive. Therefore, these skin areas need special care, for which there is also a variety of suitable products available. From make-up remover and moisturizing preparations to anti-aging products, you will find almost everything for eye and lip care.

The special facial care with peelings and masks

Face masks and peelings round off the perfect facial care. A mask or peeling is not a daily product, but it helps the skin regain its natural beauty and shine freshly.

A peeling removes impurities and dead skin cells from the facial skin. The result is a supple, smooth skin that is particularly receptive to other skin care products.

Face masks are available in various types such as soothing, clarifying, moisturizing, anti-aging, anti-stress, wellness masks and many more. With the large number of face masks the right one is guaranteed for every skin type and every application. Masks have a particularly intense effect, as the caring ingredients in concentrated form remain on the skin for a long time and thus have time to penetrate the skin and to develop its effect there.

Special facial care for men

Men's skin has different needs than women's skin. That is why there are also special facial care products for men. The range of grooming products for men also ranges from skin care creams and scrubs to eye care and cleansing products. Many men's care products contain caffeine because it gives the skin energy and a fresh complexion.

Find and buy the appropriate facial care products

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