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Radiant eyes with the perfect eye make-up

The perfect eye-contact, radiant eyes and an intense look. The eye make-up is probably the most important thing at all, because the eyes are our windows to the soul and with them we can express so much. When we talk to other people, they often look into our eyes, a central point of our face, which is to be put into the scene. A good eye make-up is therefore the A and O.

Eyelash brush for full eyelashes and the perfect eye-contact

Eyelash scrubbing is simply a stunning eye-catcher. Unfortunately, you are annoyed with the application of the ink like lumps and glued eyelashes around. To avoid this, there are a few very simple tricks.

Less is more: Just at the beginning, when the eyelash is still new and full, a lot of ink remains hanging on the brush when you pull it out of the tube. To get rid of the excess eyelash, many brush the brush over the edge of the tube. You should not do this, however, since the ink can be distributed unfavorably on the brush. It is better to brush over a paper towel.

Just do not pump: Many people have the habit before they pull the brush out of the container, only to move them a few times. This movement, however, causes air to enter the tube, the eyelash tufts dry out more quickly and lump formation is the result.

Zigzag is the way to go: In order not to stick the eyelashes, the eyelash is applied with a slight zigzag movement. Thus, the hairs are separated and do not stick. If they still stick, an eyelash brush can be used to separate them.

Tips for full eyebrows

Meanwhile, lush, full-bodied eyebrows are the trend. Who is not naturally blessed with a full hair splendor above the eye, can help with a few tricks quite simply.

Whoever has gaps between the individual hairs can cover them with an eyebrow pencil. In order to determine the ideal color for the eyebrow pen, you should try it in daylight.

For more volume, eyebrow powder ensures that the hair is padded and visually more voluminous. Babypods can also be used as an alternative to the eyebrow powder.

Set eyeshadow highlights

With the right eyeshadow, you can underline the eye color and set highlights that open your eyes and give you radiant eyes. Generally, those who have rather small eyes should put on lighter eyeshadows to visually enlarge the eye.

Regarding the eye color, people with brown eyes should take plum and lavender. Braunts and light apricot are also welcome. Blue eyeshadow in all its forms is also suitable for blue eyes. From light blue to dark blue to violet or rosé everything is allowed. Green eyes actually shine with all colors, but here should be taken care that the eyeshadow fits the hair color. Red-haired ones, for example, should use purple, beige or brown.

The perfect eyeliner draws all your attention

The eyelid can be pulled with kajal, eyeliner or water-mixed eyeshadow. The classic eyeliner is black and provides a dramatic glamorous look due to the dark color. To bring a swing exotic into the eye make-up, colorful eyelids offer. Bright tones, such as nude colors open the eye and enlarge the eye optically.

Eyerings adequately for a radiant look

In order to give the view even more expression and get rid of annoying eye rings, it offers itself under the eyes a concealer to apply. This covers the dark spots and provides a radiant fresh look.

Buy everything for eye make-up online

In our online shop we offer a wide range of eye make-up to make your eyes sparkle. Mainly we make make-up of the brands Bella Oggi and Pupa Milano from Italy.