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Erbario Toscano

Erbario Toscano - A family business from the heart of Tuscany

The Erbario Toscano brand is popular for its products that capture the lifestyle and characteristic features of Tuscany. The typical Tuscan colours, aromas, smells - all this is contained in the high-quality products of Erbario Toscano and brings the Tuscany lifestyle into every home all over the world.

Behind the brand is a small, traditional family business from the heart of Tuscany, which develops its products with passion, creativity and respect for its traditional values. Where possible, only natural ingredients from Tuscany are used and the entire production process is designed according to environmentally friendly criteria. The company works with the latest production technologies and quality controls, does without animal testing and uses only recyclable materials for packaging. High demands on quality, ingredients and design make the brand's products unmistakable.

The young company owner Egisto Bertozzi is a worthy successor to his father Guido, the founder of Erbario Toscano. Egisto is courageous and creative, passionate and experienced and combines innovative research technologies while maintaining the old company traditions. Deeply linked to his native Tuscany, this Italian region is for Egisto a constant source of inspiration and starting point for new products, with which he can share the uniqueness of his homeland with the whole world.

The product range extends from perfumes, room fragrances for the home to soaps and products for beard care. All Erbario Toscano products have one thing in common: they reflect the Tuscan way of life and the characteristics of this unique landscape. Close your eyes and let the products take you on a relaxing trip to Tuscany.