Acque di Italia perfumes

Acque di Italia perfumes

Acque di Italia

Acque di Italia, a brand that celebrates the beauty of Italian through fragrances evocative of landscapes, aromas and flavors.
Acque di Italia invites you to a fragrant journey through the most fascinating Italian places, discovering scents that intoxicate the senses.

A collection created to celebrate the marriage of the beauty of Italy and the pleasure of the senses.

All this packed into boxes refined classical taste, symbol of taste and refinement that has always characterized the Made in Italy.

It born in 1956, when a group of Italian cosmetologists gives life to a specialized laboratory in the design and production of functional cosmetics, to solve the specific problems of different skin types.
A real revolution for the time.

It is the quality of the product that is imposed and which becomes the plus and the distinctive element of the brand.

The language of BEAL is clarity, its proposal is that of a commitment that follows the evolution social, cultural and historical aspects of its consumer.

Its validity is contained in a secret can keep our promises. Quality raw materials and research continues, new functional ingredients, active principles innovative, more effective molecules.