Durance - Unique products from France

DuranceWellness products from Provence!

The sympathetic family business Durance offers products with a special sophistication made from local raw materials, which provide a unique ambience and give every home an unmistakable feel-good atmosphere.

Scented candles

For that special feel-good factor!Die Scented candles Scented candles are lovingly made by hand and give off a wonderful scent in every home, which creates a pleasant atmosphere. The high-quality candles consist of a unique composition of bees, soy and rice wax and, with a burning time of 40 hours, provide long moments of wellbeing. And with the large selection of different fragrances, everyone is sure to find their personal favorite fragrance

Fragrant ambience

Pillow spray, sachet and room fragrances

Die Pillow perfumes conjure up a relaxed atmosphere and promote a restful night. The formula of the sprays was specially developed for bed linen. Available in different scents, so that everyone is accompanied to sleep by their personal favorite scent.

Die Scented sachets give small rooms an individual fragrance and provide a very personal touch. Also perfect for cupboards, drawers, storage boxes, piles of laundry, suitcases or the car. The sachets are simply placed in the desired location and a pleasant scent is distributed, which creates a pleasant atmosphere.

Die Room fragrance spray neutralize bad smells and leave behind a wonderful scent.

Body care products

Wonderfully cared for! The care products also ensure a special sense of well-being and bring a piece of Provence directly into the bathroom at home. From the hand cream to shower gel, body lotion, soap und Eau de Toilette, the care products with their wonderful scents ensure pure wellbeing.

And best of all: there are care products for him and her.