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Durance Provence France

Unique products from the French Provence

Behind the Durance brand is a friendly family business from Provence, which was founded in the small town of Grinan at the foot of the Château de Grignan. The company offers products with a special refinement made from local raw materials that ensure pure well-being. The product range offers everything from scented candles, perfume and pillow perfume to care products that make everyday life in every home even more beautiful. And all this is based on the valuable essences from Provence, where all products are also manufactured.


L'Art de Vivre - Lifestyle

The brand attaches great importance to the uniqueness and perfection in the little things that give life something special. Small details that make a moment even more precious or a place even more comfortable, such as a bast band wrapped by hand around a candle. Durance embodies a lifestyle that harmoniously combines a closeness to nature with our everyday life and stands for taking time for yourself and enjoying these moments.


L'Art de la Terre - Closeness to nature

Thanks to the know-how of the company with its high quality standards, Durance selects only the finest and most precious ingredients from the nature of Provence. In doing so, it also respects the time that nature takes to make the most of the natural active ingredients and their special properties. The brand processes the valuable raw materials with the greatest care so that they can develop their full effect in the products. The Ancian Rosa roses, for example, are processed within two hours of picking to ensure optimum freshness and quality. And the fragrance of all products, which is fundamental to well-being, also comes from nature, as all the brand's fragrances are inspired by the characteristic scents of Provence and give emotional moments of well-being all over the world.


La vie en Provence est belle! These products bring the beauty and uniqueness of Provence directly into your home, creating pure moments of well-being.