DIMENSIONE UOMO - Men Care 6 Items



The DIMENSIONE UOMO range from FARMACEUTICI DOTTOR CICCARELLI consists of high quality cosmetic products for men's beard and face care, all certified as natural cosmetics. The products of the line soothe the skin, prevent skin irritations and moisturize. In addition, they prevent premature skin aging and provide a pleasant feeling of freshness. The complexion appears fresh and relaxed. All products are free of silicones, parabens, mineral oils and synthetic dyes.

The cosmetic products of the series contain natural ingredients from ecological cultivation and are certified according to COSMOS ORGANIC or COSMOS NATURAL. But what exactly do these certifications mean? The COSMOS standard emerged from the cooperation of the most important certification bodies and international organisations in the industry and has established itself as the most important international standard for the certification of organic and natural cosmetic products. The COSMOS specifications provide for two possible certification levels: COSMOS ORGANIC and COSMOS NATURAL. If cosmetic products consist of natural ingredients and fulfil the respective guidelines of the COSMOS standard, the products can be certified as "natural" according to COSMOS NATURAL. The COSMOS ORGANIC level is even stricter and more demanding, as it precisely defines not only the requirements for natural ingredients, but also the requirements for specific quantities of ingredients, which must also be indicated on the packaging of the products.

Naturally beautifully cared for - with the high-quality organic cosmetic products of the DIMENSIONE UOMO series men care for themselves naturally.