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DEPOT - a man can do it!

Do away with the cliché: when it comes to beauty and care, even the gentlemen of creation can confidently help themselves! The Italian Ivano Panzeri has paved the way for all those who have long since recognised that water and soap alone do not meet today's demands. Why shouldn't highly developed cosmetic products also benefit HIM? Prevent and counteract thinning hair? Cover the first grey hairs effectively with a styling gel? Keep your beard nice and smooth? Stop the signs of time?dambiro

With the founding of the DEPOT label, Panzeri has given himself and a whole generation of men the freedom to resort to aids. In developing his care products for hair and body, he relies on natural ingredients, traditional Italian recipes and combines them with the latest developments and research results in the industry. The result is a comprehensive care line for all requirements and every style, no matter how unusual: whether classic, modern or avant-garde. Pigeonholing is a thing of the past!

The products are as ingenious as the marketing: the different kits are numbered consecutively. DEPOT 100, for example, stands for highly developed shampoos, DEPOT 200 for treatments for hair and scalp, DEPOT 300 for efficient hair styling components. The 400 line scores with pre-, shaving- and after-shaving products, while DEPOT 500 brings the beard into (the desired) shape.

Originally developed for salons, the coveted must-haves are now also available for grooming at home - at!

Well-groomed men are naturally beautiful! Panzeri was not the first to realise this.