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Dcuk company

The Duck Company - A brand with a special charm

They are sure to put a smile on anyone's face! The cute ducks of the British firm Dcuk - The Duck Company are so sweet that they simply put everyone in a good mood.dambiro

It all started on a trip to Indonesia in 2004. In a field outside a small village, a very determined Indian running duck was hot on its owner's heels. Its upright gait, inquisitive nature, social demeanour and the speed at which the duck moved completely fascinated the future founders of the company. Back in the UK, the globetrotters founded The Original Wooden Duck Company (Dcuk) with the aim of making duck figurines from sustainable bamboo that make people smile.

Each of the company's ducks is hand-carved in Indonesia, using only locally harvested bamboo scraps that would otherwise end up in the trash. The tradition of puppetry is deeply rooted in Indonesia, where generations of sculptors and artists have long created beautiful figures out of bamboo for this purpose. By working with manufacturers from two Indonesian villages, the company is helping to keep these traditional skills alive and providing secure work for local people.

The finished ducks, with their individual personalities, are all appropriately named and awarded the Dcuk Pin, a seal of approval that stands for the exceptional quality, sustainable production and irresistible charm of the little figurines.

Meanwhile, the ducks are joined by other feathered friends made of wood, but they all have one thing in common: they bring a smile to the face of the people!dambiro