Compagnia delle Indie since 1598 9 Items

Compagnia delle Indie since 1598

Compagnia delle Indie

The exotic charm of faraway lands
The Compagnia delle Indie is an adventure that has
been lasting for over 400 years.
A brand full of charm which attracts any target market.
A style that identifies need for freedom and escapism,
rediscovering the pleasure of living
in harmony with oneself.
The charm of a faraway world, screened nowadays.
Products of Compagnia delle Indie reproduce, with a
modern interpretation, values of a millennial culture.

A patchwork of colours and nature that carries toward evocative exotic destinations.
Inebriating fragrances and the silk are the main threads of a products range that carries
to a world of pure escapism.

A coherent and distinctive layout dresses the packaging that appears
original and unique.