Clinians Suisse

Clinians Suisse

CLINIANS - "Your personal beauty clinic at home"

Clinians is a brand from Italy that offers a wide range of cosmetic products for face and body care. Each product of Clinians is the result of intensive research and development. The aim of the brand is to achieve the best possible results from natural active ingredients. In consultation with beauty clinics and skin specialists, Clinians has been developed specifically for women who attach great importance to their well-being and appearance. Clinians is targeted, comprehensive and has a good value for money.

Clinians offers a wide range of skin care products

The Italian brand Clinians, which comes from Mirato, offers a wide range of skin care products for the face as well as for the body. There are no wishes open, because of anti-aging products, moisturizing creams, special products for oily skin, eye creams, sun protection agents and anti-cellulite products, you really can find everything.

Face care products

Clinians leaves nothing to be desired when it comes to facial care products. Already for the skin cleansing there is the appropriate cleansing gel or facial scrub for each skin type and every purpose. If you prefer cleaning tonics, towels and a cleaning milk, you will also find what you are looking for.
Also the facial creams are similar widely diversified. So there are special products for mature skin with anti-aging effect, creams for oily or dry skin and extra night care products.

For the gentle skin of the eye part, there are also special products at Clinians that address the special needs of the delicate skin around the eyes and reduce eye rings, tear sacks or small wrinkles in the region.

The body care products

Clinians also has a wide range of body care products, which include both classic bodylotion and body creams, as well as special products for dry, sensitive or oily skin. In addition, the range of body care products also includes lines for cellulite treatment and fat reduction at problems such as thighs, hips and buttocks.

The sunscreen and after-sun products

Skin protection is extremely important for the health of the skin and Clinians offers a very wide range of high-quality products. The brand covers all possible sun protection factors with its products to provide every type of skin with a safe protection against the sun and harmful UV rays. There are special products for adults and children.

In addition, clinics also offer after-sun care products that provide the skin with the necessary nutrients after sunbathing. From the accustomed after-sun bodylotions to after-sun shower gels, you will find in the range of the Italian manufacturer everything the skin needs after the sun.