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Chilly Intimate

Intimate care from Chilly

It makes you feel good all over! The intimate area has a different pH value than the rest of the body and therefore also needs special care. The intimate wash lotions and cleansing wipes from the Italian brand Chilly gently cleanse the most sensitive area of the body. With their traditional formulas, they protect the sensitive area and provide a long-lasting feeling of freshness.dambiro

The intimate wash lotions offer the right solution for every care need - whether for sensitive or dry skin, with an antibacterial effect or for long-lasting freshness. Each intimate soap contains a special anti-odour formula that neutralises unpleasant odours and prevents them from developing.

The practical wet wipes are perfect for on the go, for travelling or simply for quick use in between.

With the effective intimate cleansing products from Chilly, you simply feel safe and completely comfortable all day long!dambiro