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Chic Animalier soaps

Nesti Dante CHIC Animalier

The absolutes of lushly blossoming flowers always enthrall us anew. If these floral notes are mixed with other botanical aromas from Mother Nature, triumphant fusions are created that take our breath away and touch our senses.

Wild thing! The three seductive pairings of the Nesti Dante series CHIC Animalier are animal-powerful creations for extravagant and demanding fragrance lovers - the most dangerous specimens of the animal kingdom: Hibiscus, Freesia and Boababmilch from the fruit of the African monkey tree stand for the unbridled strength of the white tiger. Myrrh, ginger tea and patchouli symbolize the skill of the bronze leopard. Wild orchid and leaves of red tea, coupled with the seductive Absolue of Tiaré (Tahiti Gardenia), are the fragrant synonym for the Red Python snake.

This is Nesti Dante CHIC Animalier
Dangerously good - pure luxury for spoiled nose! And definitely a very unusual and personal souvenir to wild encounters.

The highlight of Nesti Dante CHIC Animalier are the precious packaging: Each paper symbolizes one of the dangerous animals - from tiger skin to snake skin. Very special, very noble, very chic!