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Castle Forbes Scotland

Castle Forbes - High quality men care from Scotland

The Castle Forbes brand originated from one of the smallest perfumeries in the world. The Scottish country castle "Castle Forbes" is situated in the picturesque surroundings of the county of Aberdeenshire. The castle is the ancestral seat of the Forbes clan. The small perfumery was housed in a small dairy building on the large estate and originally produced tailor-made fragrances for private customers. Over time, the vision was to create a range of unique fragrances that would characterise the unique nature of the castle and the surrounding countryside and which would carry the emblem of the Forbes family.

From this, 20 years later, a brand has been established that is renowned for its range of men's care products and whose fragrances are synonymous with quality and performance. The credo of the Castle Forbes brand is the passion to use only the best that nature has to offer and to use only the best quality essential oils. The brand's mission is to bring originality and sophistication to its fine fragrances. The unique, handcrafted formulations with natural ingredients are free of parabens, artificial colours and fragrances and have not been tested on animals.