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Car Air Fresheners

Car Air Fresheners from Yankee Candle®

The favourite scent for on the go! Yankee Candle's car fragrances ensure that unpleasant odours in the car are neutralised and your personal favourite fragrance creates a very special atmosphere on the road. The different car scent systems can all be used quickly and easily and provide a wonderful scent experience while driving.


Car Jar®
The Car Jar air fresheners are perfect for on the road and are available in single or multiple packs. Simply hang them on the rear view mirror in your car and they will give off their fragrance for up to 4 weeks. The flat cardboard air fresheners can also be used in small rooms, caravans, tents, lockers or suitcases.

Car Jar® Ultimate
The Car Jar Ultimate air fresheners are also hung on the rear view mirror in the car and give off a wonderful fragrance for up to 4 weeks. The small container in the shape of the popular Yankee Candle scented candle jars contains a kind of gel that releases an even fragrance through evaporation. They can also be used well in small rooms, caravans, tents, lockers or suitcases.

Car Powered Fragrance
This version is simply plugged into the 12V car socket and provides a pleasant fragrance on the road for up to 60 days due to the warming. The diffuser has three levels (high, low, off), which makes it easy to vary the intensity of the fragrance. The unit lights up when it is switched on and indicates when it is active. And if the fragrance fades after 60 days, the diffuser can be quickly and easily fitted with a refill fragrance, available in many wonderful scents.

Car Vent Stick
The Car Vent Sticks are inserted firmly into the ventilation grille of the vehicle and release their scent for about 2 weeks. Unpleasant odours are thus neutralised and the air is refreshed with a wonderful scent. The package contains four sticks so that you can stock up immediately.

Charming Scents Motive Pendants
The Charming Scents Collection by Yankee Candle offers a nice selection of motive pendants with which you can personalise every car individually. The Charming Scents pendants are simply hung on the rear view mirror in the car with the hoop and are a real eye-catcher. The pendant contains a fragrance tab that will give off its wonderful scent for up to 4 weeks. If the scent wears off at some point, the pendant can easily be fitted with a scent refill.