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Capucci perfumes

It is difficult to describe a label like Roberto Capucci in a few lines.
At a young age, Roberto Capucci presents his first models in Florence and awakens admiration, admiration and ever-widening recognition. In 1962, he opened a studio in Paris: this was very important for the activity of Roberto Capucci. The French press gave consideration and critical applause.
He is the first Italian to be offered a signature with his signature. His thoughts, his fantastic dresses with geometric lines, almost like sculptures, wonderful in the combination of colors, go around the world and are known for severity and ideas.
A genius, an artist who is close to the definition of fashion designer or fashion designer.

Creativity, material research, excitement and attention to detail are the characteristics of the romantic designer, whose dresses are authentic masterpieces. The same passion and attention for the quality of the raw materials and for the uniqueness and originality live in the fragrances signed by Capucci.