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The wonderful scent world of Yankee Candle®

In collaboration with some of the world's most renowned fragrance houses, Yankee Candle always creates unique and individual scented candles. Whether fresh, fruity, spicy or sweet - with the large selection of high-quality scented candles, everyone will find their personal favourite scent. Not for nothing is it called "The world's best loved candle" - the most popular candle in the world.

The design of the scented candles in the glass fits perfectly into every home. All scented candles are made of high-quality paraffin and all wicks are inserted by hand so that they remain straight and ensure the highest burning quality.

As an authorized Yankee Candle Dealer, we are pleased to always be able to offer our customers the latest trends of the brand. In addition to the classic fragrances, Yankee Candle always offers great new fragrance creations to suit the season.

Large jar
Burning time: 110 - 150 hours
Size: 10,7 x 16,8 cm
Weight: 623 g

Medium jar
Burning time: 65 - 75 hours
Size: 10,7 x 12,7 cm
Weight: 411 g

Small jar
Burning time: 25 - 40 hours
Size: 5,8 x 8,6 cm
Weight: 104 g