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Burberry perfumes
Thomas Burberry, an English fashion designer, opened in 1856 with just 20 years, his first textile business.
Thus he founded at the same time the brand "Burberry." Over the years, the brand gained a very good reputation through the highest quality.
You easily prevailed as a luxury brand. Became known for "Burberry" by his Clothing collections that bear the well-known trademark to this day "the check pattern." The current success of Burberry are a testament to the can of the designers.
No matter which collection line Burberry strikes, it is always a success. In addition to her clothing line, the Burberry brand offers an exclusive perfume line for men and women. The first Burberry men's perfume appeared in 1981. To date, over 50 different women's and men's fragrances from Burberry were created. In our online shop you will find a small selection of the best creations Burberrys.