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Make-up brushes and accessories for a professional make-up result

The perfect make-up not only includes the make-up itself, but also the right brushes and accessories to apply the make-up correctly. Because to enjoy a kajal for a long time, you also need a good sharpener and in order to be able to apply foundation, face powder or eyeshadow perfectly, you also need the appropriate brushes.

Why do you need different make-up brushes?

Every make-up product has a different texture. For example, a foundation can be very fluid, whereas a concealer is more creamy. Not to mention the face powder, which, as the name implies, is a powder. Of course, due to the differences in texture, you also need a suitable brush to be able to apply the product well. In addition, there are special brushes for eye make-up and lip make-up. Here it behaves similarly: to draw a fine eyeliner, you need a different brush, as for the application of eye shadow.

Various make-up brushes at a glance and what they are used for

Brushes for face and body:

With round, flat or beveled foundation brushes, liquid foundation can be applied. The rounded foundation brush is also perfect for applying concealer. It also makes it easy to hide the transitions on the neck and hairline.

Powder brushes and buffing brushes are perfect for loose powder or compact powder. With the powder brush can also apply great rouge.

Brushes for eye make-up:

There are different eye shadow brushes for the eye make-up. For application, for veneering, for precise application and for blurring.

The eye shadow brush for applying is the largest and very soft compared to the others. With it, the eye shadow can be applied over a large area.

The eye shadow brush for veneering is a little narrower and has shorter bristles. With it, the eye shadow can be applied more precisely and highlights can be set in the corners of the eyes.

If you want to apply your eye shadow precisely and also like to draw sharp contours, you should resort to a bevelled eye shadow brush. This is particularly suitable for precise application of eye shadow.

The Blur has a foam tip and is perfect for blurring and blending the eye shadow - ideal for smokey eye make-up.

In the case of the eyeliner brush, the bristles converge sharply at the front and thus create the best conditions for drawing a straight and precise eyeline.

Brushes for lip make-up:

For applying lipstick there is the lip brush or lipbrush. With the lip brush the lipstick can be applied super precise. Since the lipstick also gets into the skin folds of the lips thanks to the lip brush, the colour lasts longer.

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