Scented candles with a heart for children


The high-quality scented candles Bridgewater exude a wonderfully intense scent and even the glass is a real eye-catcher.
But the best part of buying a scented candle is the "Light a Candle, Feed a Child" project, which finances three meals for an orphan. The purchase of scented candles has never been so meaningful!

You need a new room scent?
No problem. Bridgewater offers with a large assortment of scented candles and scented sachets for every mood the right fragrance.

Spring is in the Air
We have selected here 4 beautiful fragrances suitable for the warm season:

1. Tickled Pink: Catching soap bubbles, exuberant laughter until it tickles your stomach, the feeling of light-heartedness - this fragrance gives a feeling of childlike zest for life with sweet berries, lime and violet blossoms.

2. Spring Dress: A ramble through the tall grass, a light spring dress fluttering around the legs - this fragrance refreshes the senses with the floral scent of peonies and magnolias, matched with fresh citrus fruits and warm mahogany.

3. Aloha Summer: A fragrance like a trip to Hawaii - this fragrance pampers the senses with a fruity mixture of pineapple, black currant and peach combined with the scent of jasmine, magnolia and water lily blossoms. The fragrance is rounded off with the sweet aroma of vanilla and coconut.

4. Open Road: A ride in summer past fragrant, colourful flower meadows, a warm wind blowing around your nose - this scent envelops you with a floral bouquet, a hint of fresh cucumber and sandalwood.