Borotalco Roberts

Borotalco Roberts

Italian body care with history

A piece of Italian tradition! The history of Borotalco began back in 1878 in a small pharmacy in Florence, where Henry Roberts discovered the formula for his Boro talcum powder. At that time, he certainly would not have dreamed that this white talcum powder would shape the skin care of Italians for generations.dambiro

In 1904, talcum powder in the classic green tin entered Italian households and it has been impossible to imagine life without it ever since. The powder for the whole family offers many different uses and the classic scent evokes childhood memories for most Italians.

In 1957, the company launched their famous advertising slogan "Se non è Roberts non è Borotalco", which means "If it's not Roberts, it's not Borotalco".

The 1990s then saw the birth of the Borotalco product lines, which were expanded in the 2000s to include the innovative deodorant products that use microtalk not only to absorb the sweat already present, but also to regulate perspiration in general.

Even today, it is impossible to imagine the body care market without Borotalco and many of the classic products not only evoke childhood memories, but also provide a touch of nostalgia in the bathroom!dambiro