Borotalco Roberts

Borotalco Roberts

Borotalco, delicate and fresh as always
Since 1904, Borotalco has accompanied the Italian history and the childhood with delicacy and freshness.

After the start in the pharmacies, the success is so striking that four years after its introduction Borotalco also
In the perfumeries.

After the first world war the small company turned into a stock company.
In 1929 Roberts & Co. was granted the right to use the original name "Boro-Talcum".

In 1957, Borotalco launched the slogan still valid in the Italian TV broadcast Carosello
"Se non è Roberts non è Borotalco" (if it is not Roberts, then it is not Borotalco).

The rest is history, a story like a product that has accompanied the habits of generations.
Borotalco is and remains a brand that reminds us of the scents of childhood.

In modern times, thanks to its exclusive microtalk formula, Borotalco has been the number one in Italy for decades in the field of personal hygiene.