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Body cream & body milk

A body cream or body milk is ideal for moisturizing the skin. Especially if you have very demanding, dry skin, a body cream or milk is a good choice, as it is very rich and often moisturizing.

Moisturizing care is important for the skin

A balanced moisturizing care is very important for the skin. Especially after bathing or showering it is essential to provide the skin with the necessary moisture. Bathing and showering strains the skin and dries it out. Particularly dry skin types therefore need good moisturising care. Body cream and body milk are particularly suitable for dry skin types, as they have a moisturising effect and make even very dry and rough skin supple and soft again.

The special properties of body cream & body milk

What is different about body cream and body milk compared to other moisturizing products such as body lotions or body butter? Body cream and body milk have a different consistency. They are thicker than a body lotion but creamier than a body butter. Body cream and body milk are also very rich and often fat. They do not absorb as quickly as a body lotion and do not spread as well on the skin. They often have a moisturising effect, which is particularly beneficial for very dry skin.

Buy the right body cream or body milk

In our online shop you can quickly and easily buy a suitable body cream or body milk for every skin type from home. Whether with fresh fragrance or rather discreetly perfumed, there is certainly the right product for everyone!