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Body Care

Feel good all around with the right body care

Body care is an important part of our daily routine. This includes mainly skin care in the form of showers or baths, the possible use of body peelings and subsequent moisturising with body creams, body lotions, care oils or body powders. But the use of deodorant, anti-cellulite products or fango packs is also part of body care.

The right body care is also important to keep our body healthy. By washing and caring for our skin, we protect it from inflammation and other skin diseases. Daily hand washing, which is also part of body care, protects us from infectious diseases that can be absorbed by unclean hands through the mouth.

In our online shop we offer a variety of body care products that cover all the different areas.

Body care begins with bathing or showering

The right body care starts with bathing or showering. Here the skin is cleansed and cared for at the same time. In addition, this care ritual of bathing or showering is an important moment of the day, which also serves to pamper and relax.

Moisturizing care

Especially after a bath or shower it is important to protect the skin from drying out and to provide it with the right moisturizing care with sufficient moisture. Depending on skin type and personal preference, different products are available for this purpose, ranging from body creams and lotions to body butter and care oils.

Body powder

Body powder can also be used as an alternative to creams or lotions after a bath or shower. In countries like Italy, powder is part of the daily care ritual. In Germany, this traditional care product is often underestimated. It's a pity, because body powder is a true all-purpose beauty weapon: it moisturises the skin, cares for it, makes it pleasantly soft and keeps it dry while sweating. Body powder also gives the skin a pleasant scent.


A pleasant and fresh body odor is important in our society. Therefore, a complete body care also includes the use of deodorant to protect oneself from unpleasant body odor that sweat can cause. Nowadays, deodorants protect quite reliably against the smell of sweat, sometimes even for up to 48 hours. And there is also a suitable variant for every taste, because deodorant is available as roller, spray, stick or even as cream.

Anti-cellulite products

Beautiful, smooth skin - that's what most of us want. If there were not the topic with cellulite. The dents on the skin, which usually occur on the thighs or the buttocks, are harmless, but still undesirable. Although anti-cellulite products simply can not dissipate the unwanted orange peel skin, they can certainly soften it, significantly improve the skin's appearance and thus contribute to your personal well-being. The selection of anti-cellulite products ranges from scrubs to gel and creams to fango packs.


The term fango comes from the Italian and means mud, silt or healing mud. Fango is a mineral mud mostly of volcanic origin and is used in physiotherapy but also in the wellness area or in the beauty treatment against cellulite. Applied to the body, the minerals contained penetrate the skin, unfold their effect there and stimulate the circulation and metabolism at the same time. No matter if you want to spend some time with fango or if you prefer the fast version, where the cream can stay on the skin - we offer the right product for everyone in our online shop.

Body scrub

A body scrub wonderfully frees the body from old, dead skin cells and impurities, stimulates the blood circulation and thus provides a fresh, well-groomed complexion. After applying a peeling, you should pamper your body with an extra portion of cream or lotion, because after the peeling the body absorbs care products particularly well. So if you want to do something good for your body, use a body peeling once a week, tailored to the skin type and its needs.

Caring oil

Care, relax, loosen - caring oils are true all-rounders and can be used as moisturizers for skin and hair, but also for soothing massages. Applied on the skin care oils and provide the skin with nutrients and moisture. Many caring oils can also be applied to the hair and provide moisture, shine and easier combing. Beautifully maintained from head to toe - no problem with caring oils.