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Everything for discerning beard care

A beautiful beard also wants to be well cared for and this can be very demanding depending on the beard type. Straight and voluminous beards need a comprehensive and intensive care, so that the beard hair is not knotted, clean, good smell and healthy shines. This particular care for the beard is, of course, given to a barber, but it can also be done without problems at home, if one has the right products for the beard care.

A clean beard thanks to beard shampoo

With a beard shampoo, the beard can be easily cleaned by washing it. The shampoo especially for the beard has nourishing properties and therefore provides for soft, shiny beard hair and a pleasant fragrance. In addition, the Bartshampoo is also extremely mild to the skin and prevents dandruff.

The beard conditioner for easy combability

A beard conditioner is distributed after washing the beard in the still moist beard hair. After a short exposure time, it is then rinsed out again. The beard conditioner leaves the beard hair very soft. It also unravels the hair, so that it can be combed very easily after use. Moreover, a beard conditioner maintains the beard intensely due to the nutritious ingredients and gives it a healthy glow.

Bartöl not only smells good, but also cares

Bartöl is one of the classics in beard care. The often very well-scented oil is given into the beard hair and distributed well in it. Bartöl generally consists of a composition of natural oils, which have very valuable nourishing properties. They make the beard hair soft and supple. The result is beautiful gloss and easy combability.

Beard wax for styling

Bartwachs can bring more than just the mustache into shape. Bartwachs can also be used for the styling of full beards and all beards at all. To form a beard with beard wax, e.g. you can style individual haircuts with the beard wax to complete the overall result or to set accents.

Beard comb and beard brush

Especially with long voluminous beards, a beard comb or a beard brush is indispensable to make them look well-groomed. Using a beard comb and a beard brush, you can style your beard and shape it. Moreover, the hair of the beard remains smooth and does not become knotted thanks to regular brushing or combing. In addition, a beard comb or a beard brush can quickly remove coarse dirt from the beard, e.g. after the meal.

Buy the right products for the beard care online

In our shop you have a very wide selection of beard care products, which you can buy easily online. No matter what kind of beard you have, with the products for the beard care from our assortment, guaranteed no wishes remain open.