Bath & Shower

Bath & Shower

Bathing & Showering - For pampering and relaxing

An important part of body care is bathing and showering. Whether you prefer bathing or showering is a matter of taste. You can't really say that showering makes the skin cleaner than bathing or the other way around. Because of the water jet on the skin when showering, many people simply feel cleaner than when bathing. Nevertheless, it simply depends on the type whether you prefer to take a bath or a shower.

The advantages of showering

  • Taking a shower is much quicker than taking a bath, so you can take a shower every day without spending a lot of time.
  • Especially in the morning, a shower can make you feel refreshed, especially if you use a changeable shower.
  • When taking a shower, dirt and skin flakes are simply washed off.
  • Showering does not dry out the skin so much and puts less strain on it. Provided you shower short and not too hot.
  • A shower is more environmentally friendly than a bath because less water is used. In addition, a shower is also easy on the purse.

The advantages of bathing

  • While bathing you can relax wonderfully. Especially after a long day's work stress can be relieved with a pleasant bath.
  • A soothing bath can release muscle tension.
  • A hot bath in the evening can help you fall asleep.
  • In the case of colds, a bath with the corresponding bath additive can also have a relieving and soothing effect, reduce body aches and clear the respiratory tract.

The right bath additive and the right shower gel

For bathing, there are many different bath products such as bubble baths, relaxation baths, oil baths, bath creams and a few more. Depending on need and personal preference, can be resorted to a corresponding product.

The same applies to showering. To fully enjoy showering and nourish your skin, there are countless showering products, such as shower gels, shower creams, shower oils and more.

Apart from the different types of shower products and bath products, they are also available in different fragrances. Because bathing and showering is not just about body care but also about the feel-good factor - and that's best achieved with pleasant scents that relax and pamper the senses.

Find the appropriate bath products and shower products

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