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Bathroom and shower for baby and child

Bathing and showering babies and children is an important part of body care. In the case of babies, this must be taken over completely by the parents. In the case of somewhat larger children, the challenge is to teach them the right body care so that they can take it on their own. For the care of babies and children, especially for bath and shower, the parents have different shower gels and bathing accessories available.

A baby bath for the first months

Especially in the first months, the baby's skin is still very sensitive and therefore should only be treated with adequate personal care products such as extremely mild bath additives. A mild baby bath, especially for the first months is a good choice. In our assortment we offer such baby baths. From the brands Fissan, Infasil and milmil.

Shower gels and bathing accessories for children.

Especially popular among children are the foam baths, the best also still smell delicious. It is important, however, to ensure that the foam baths are as mild as possible for the small ones, to gently care for the skin and to prevent burning in the eyes. They should also be free of harmful ingredients.

If your children prefer showering, there are also appropriate shower gels for children. With their pretty design, they appeal to the little ones and give them great pleasure during showering and the associated personal care. This is a good foundation for teaching children the right body care. In our assortment you will find e.g. The extremely popular Bon Bon shower gels from Malizia and the SapoNello shower gels from Paglieri.

Everything for bathing and showering for babies and children online

In our shop you can buy everything for bathing and showering your baby or child online. From the baby bath for the first months over foam baths to attractive shower gels, you will find everything you need.