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Bathing for relaxation and well-being

A bath is much more than just body care - a bath is relaxation and wellness for the soul, a moment of stress reduction and rest.

What to pay attention to when bathing

  • One should only take one to two full baths a week, as frequent bathing can dry out and stress the skin.
  • In general, one should not lie too long in the tub, because bathing the skin particularly stressed. By too long or too frequent bathing, the skin can be dried, which can be particularly problematic for dry skin types.
  • For dry skin, a suitable moisturizing bath additive should be used, such as an oil bath.
  • After bathing you should use a moisturizing agent in form of body butter, bodylotion or body cream.

Relaxed bathing

A full bath is undoubtedly wonderfully relaxing. Especially after a long and stressful day, a bath is a true oasis of relaxation. In a cozy ambience, bathing can become a real wellness moment and not only bring physical relaxation, but also mental and spiritual. Just switch off and let your mind wander - in the bathtub that is possible. To support this relaxing moment, a bath essence with great fragrances is ideal to further promote relaxation and enhance well-being.

Bathing helps

With muscle tension, colds, acute stress and sleep problems, Baden can help to relieve symptoms and restore well-being. For example, a hot bath can release muscle tension. For colds, a bath can help relieve body aches. In addition, an appropriate bath additive helps to clear the respiratory tract, as well as the warm water vapor. A hot relaxing bath in a pleasant atmosphere, also helps against stress and reduces it significantly. So a bath in the evening also helps to switch off and sleep better.

Find the right bath additive

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