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The body care and the associated body cleansing is one of the most important daily rituals. And the soap is not just for hand washing. Long before shower and bathing accessories, the soap was used for showering and bathing. Today, in this field, it has largely been replaced by shower gels and bath preparations. The soap is, however, due to the better compatibility again strongly in the coming and is becoming increasingly popular as replacement for shower gel.

Soaps are available in many different designs, compositions, shapes and for special applications. The most familiar form of the soap is the conventional soap piece. Also popular is the liquid soap. There are also special soaps such as foot soaps or intimate soaps.
The different soaps at a glance

The Soap bar: The soap in solid form is one of the oldest body care products for cleansing and washing our body. Before long before shower gels and bath additives, the soap was an integral part of the body care. Most of the time she is lying on the washbasin and we use it to wash your hands. Recently, however, the classic soap is more and more often used for showering. The reason for this is the often more natural composition of the soap in contrast to liquid showering agents. Solid soaps are often made from 100% natural ingredients and are partly pure vegetable or vegan.

The liquid soap: Liquid soap is above all super practical in handling. It is located in a handy, usually very nice, soap dispenser, which dispenses hygienically the necessary portion of soap with a simple handle. Hand washing with liquid soap is very pleasant and does not leave any residue on the skin.

The intimate soap: This soap was made as the name suggests especially for the intimate area. There are intimate soaps for women, for men and those who can use the whole family. The sensitive skin of the intimate area has a different pH value than the rest of the body, so special care with a suitable soap is important.

The foot soap: For the feet, there are special antibacterial soaps that cleanse the skin very well and free from bacteria, which together with perspiration can lead to unpleasant smell. As the feet very sweat is an antibacterial soap for the feet perfect for good hygiene and a pleasant fragrance.
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In our online shop we have a huge selection of soaps, including very noble and high quality copies. We offer the classic solid soaps as well as liquid soaps, intimate soaps and foot soaps. Our range includes soaps from brands such as Nesti Dante, Tesori d'Oriente, Valobra, Atkinsons, Spuma di Sciampagna, Felce Azzurra, Breeze, Malizia, Acque di Italia, Chante Clair and many others.