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Bach Flowers

The Bach Flowers series from Phytorelax

With these products we are doing well all around! The Bach Flowers series from Phytorelax contains flower essences extracted according to the original method of Dr. Edward Bach and provides psychophysical well-being. The high-quality products of the series help to balance skin and emotional problems and bring body and mind into balance.

What exactly are Bach Flowers? Bach flowers are 100% natural essences derived from flowers and other plant parts. There are a total of 38 different Bach flowers, which are assigned to special mental states that influence the emotions, behavior patterns and character traits of a person. If these states get out of balance, this has a negative effect on the psyche, feelings, thoughts and attitude towards life. The flower essences should store energetic information which helps the soul to find its way back to a balanced state. There are Bach flowers, for example, which stand for self-confidence, balance or serenity.

The Bach Flowers are used in the so-called Bach Flower Therapy. The Bach Flower Therapy is a very gentle therapy method developed by the English physician Dr. Edward Bach (1886 - 1936). He assumed that physical illnesses or psychological impairments were always accompanied by a disturbance of the mental balance. The energetically prepared flower essences are used, among other things, for mental health care, for crisis and stress management as well as for the accompanying treatment of acute and chronic diseases.

All Phytorelax products are in harmony with nature and the Bach Flowers series is 98 percent based on pure natural components. The products in the series do not contain SLES (sodium lauryl ether sulphate), parabens, silicones, mineral oils or dyes.

Phytorelax's Bach Flower remedies are suitable for all skin types and have a pleasantly fresh scent that accompanies you throughout the day.