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The right body care for baby and child

Even the youngest need a balanced body care in order to be comfortable and healthy. Above all, however, it is also important that the children learn the right body care, so it is important to make the daily care routine with the little ones as pleasant as possible and have a lot of fun with them. To make it easier for parents, there are special personal care products for babies and children. These products are also specially made for the delicate skin of babies and infants.

Everything for bathing and showering babies and toddlers

In order to gently clean and care for the delicate skin of babies and children, there are special baby soaps, e.g. No perfume and otherwise only very mild ingredients. The soaps can be used for bathing, showering or daily hand washing.

For bath and shower, there are, in addition to the classic baby soaps, also shower gels and bathing accessories. Especially for children, who are out of the baby age, the special shower gels and bathing accessories for children are very happy.

Once the hair is long and tight enough to be washed with shampoo, it is of course particularly important to access a mild children's shampoo that does not burn in the eyes.

Skin care for babies and children

After showering and bathing, as with adults, it is important to protect the delicate baby and children's skin from drying out, especially when there is a tendency to dry skin. For this purpose there are special creams and care lotions for babies and children as well as baby oils, which are especially recommended for babies' baths.

The right care for the diaper area

In the diaper area it is important to protect the skin from moisture and inflammation. Babypuders, moisturizers and protective creams can help.

The right dental care for babies and children

It is important to pay attention to the correct dental care of the children right from the beginning and this starts with the first tooth. Healthy teeth are important for the development of the jaw bone and for the future dental care behavior of the child. With special dental care products for children, you can teach your sprout playfully the right dental care.

Body care products for babies and children buy online

In our shop you can buy a wide selection of personal care products for babies and children online. From skin care to products for bathing and showering, to dental care, you will find everything here. In our product range, we sell products from brands such as SapoNello, Fiss, Malizia, Milmil, Infasil, Neutro Roberts, Fresh & Clean, Nesti Dante, Johnson's Baby, Pasta del Capitano and others.