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BB & CC Cream

BB & CC Cream for a skin-optimizing effect

BB and CC Creams are small all-rounders for the facial skin and consist partly of make-up and partly of a moisturizer and thus ensure a natural-looking, beautiful skin. This makes these creams ideal for those who find a normal make-up too heavy on their skin and who prefer something lighter.
These creams have enough pigment to balance the color of the skin but still look and feel natural. And the use of a BB or CC Cream is wonderfully easy to achieve a natural, delicate cover: simply apply and massage evenly with your fingertips or a make-up sponge. The creams can either be used alone as a daily moisturizer or as a foundation under the make-up.

What exactly is a BB Cream?

BB Cream is the short form for "Blemish Balm". These tinted and caring day creams bring some skin-optimizing benefits: they cover light bumps, refresh the complexion, make the skin radiant, provide it with moisture and thus ensure a fresh and radiant appearance. Usually BB Creams also contain anti-aging ingredients that protect the skin from premature aging and a sun protection factor to protect the skin from harmful sun rays. Due to its light texture, a BB Cream feels pleasant on the skin and covers light bumps without clogging the pores like a conventional make-up.

What is a CC Cream?

CC Cream stands for "Color Corrector" and means the correction of irregular color tones. The focus here is more on the ingredients, it has a little more opacity than a BB cream and the anti-aging effect is more prominent. With a CC cream, redness and pigment spots are better concealed than with a BB Cream.

What is the difference between BB Cream and CC Cream?

Basically, both variants are a tinted day cream that optimize the appearance of the skin and compensate for bumps. But while BB Creams are best for uncomplicated skin types, CC Creams are ideal for even the most demanding skin.
For women with normal or sensitive skin, who do not have excessive redness or blemishes, a traditional BB cream is the ideal companion in everyday life. Those who tend to have greasy or blemished skin should be careful to choose the right cream to match the skin type.
All women with more mature skin and first wrinkles and women with a rather uneven complexion with redness or pigmentation disorders, it is advisable to resort to a CC cream.