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Innovative anti-cellulite products

No cream of the world can wipe away 100% of cellulite, but you can reduce the impact with targeted products substantially. Especially products from salts and algae of the Dead Sea are very popular. With their high content of iron, sodium and magnesium, these products give a special care kink and provide the skin with important minerals and trace elements.

What anti-cellulite products are there?

To reduce the cellulite, there are different products that act in different ways.

Scrubs: Body scrubs against cellulite are massaged on the affected areas. The peeling particles remove skin impurities and dead skin cells. The massage and the peeling particles also stimulate the circulation of the skin, which helps in the cell regeneration. The result is a tighter, softer and more even skin.

Gels & Creams: Gels and creams against cellulite often have dehydrating active ingredients that ensure to dissolve the excess water from the tissue. They also often stimulate fat burning. Both result in a more even, smoother skin image and visibly reduced cellulite.

Fangos: Fangos or mud packs are applied to the skin and act there. Often one can intensify the effect of a mud pack with a wrap. Fangos have a detoxifying effect, which also leads to a more even skin appearance.

How often should you use anti-cellulite products?

Some products such as anti-cellulite creams or gels should be used once or twice daily. Anti-cellulite scrubs, on the other hand, can only be used once or twice a week, as they would otherwise strain the skin too much. A combined anti-cellulite treatment from scrubs and creams or gels is ideal. Especially after applying a scrub or body peeling, it is important to give an anti-cellulite cream or a gel to the skin, since this is then particularly receptive to the active ingredients and is also dependent on the moisturizing of the gels and creams.

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