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Amorino Soaps by Nesti Dante

Amorino Soap by Nesti Dante
The small, pommel-colored putti smile a thousand times at the Christmas season, especially as advertising and postcard motifs. They draw the viewer into the spell with their innocent childlike patterns. Thus the sweet, well-nourished, childlike angels have been a symbol of love and joy for centuries. In the antiquity still admired as Amor's little love-book, Raphael immortalized it in 1512 in his famous oil painting "Sixtinischen Madonna". The Sistine Angels have little in common with the religious cherubins.

Nesti Dante has dedicated the lovely Amorino piece a three-part soap series with the fragrances Lily Charm, Rose Bouquet and Water Dream. They exude wonderfully fresh, pure, ingesting flavors and spoil the skin with high-quality care products in the especially fluffy foam. Simply heavenly!

The Nesti Dante brand
Nesti Dante stands for quality soaps with the highest quality natural ingredients. The tradition, founded in 1945 in Florence, produces the natural soaps with love and care in a twelve-step and multi-day work process according to classical craftsmanship.

Thus the fragrance of Italy flows into the own four walls when the lovingly decorated folded paper is opened. The flattering foam pampers the skin with intensive care products and makes them soft. What remains is a long-lasting, delicate feeling of luxury - even when washing hands. Or in the shower for the whole body.

Wherever you want to enjoy Nesti Dante. All Nesti Dante products are 100 percent natural, biodegradable and are not tested on animals. The perfumed fragrances are available in the perfume lounge in 15 series with more than 60 irresistible fragrances - as a precious gift or as a personal pampering unit for every day.

The quality guarantee from Nesti Dante
All Nesti Dante Soaps are vegan, ie free of animal ingredients, are not tested on animals, contain no sulfates, parabene, synthetic ingredients, glycols, EDTA or petrochemicals. Only natural ingredients and natural oils from whole plants from sustainable cultivation are used. The fragrant luxury soaps stand for excellent care with a clear conscience.