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Aftershaves for grooming and disinfecting the shaved skin

A perfect shave also includes an aftershave or shaving water. The daily ritual of applying shaving water is repeated not only because of the pleasant fragrance, but also because the aftershave has a real benefit for the freshly shaved skin.

What is an aftershave good for?

An aftershave is distributed after the shave on the face skin to soothe the skin and disinfect. During the shave, the skin is a little roughened and dirt can easily enter the pores. In addition, small injuries and cuts can occur. The aftershave contains a large amount of alcohol, which has a disinfectant effect and thus prevents inflammation and infections of the skin as well as small injuries.

Some aftershaves also contain ingredients that promote blood clotting. Thus the bleeding of small cuts is stopped.

In addition, the Aftershaves gives a fresh feeling, which ensures an energy boost. This freshness effect also comes from the alcohol, which evaporates very quickly on the skin and thus leaves a cooling feeling. Some shaving water also contain essential oils that can also provide for this fresh feeling.

How is an aftershave used?

After shaving, it does not matter whether it is a wet razor or a dry shave, you wash your face thoroughly with water. Then dry the facial skin carefully with a towel. It does not matter whether the skin is completely dried or still a bit moist. After washing your hands well and drying, add a small amount of aftershave into a palm. The shaving water is then rubbed a little with both hands, before the shaved facial skin is given and there with lightly tapping movements distributed and brought to the pull.

Is an aftershave suitable for all skin types?

A classic aftershave, which contains a lot of alcohol, can dry out the skin. Therefore, it is not suitable for men with dry facial skin. However, there are also aftershaves without alcohol, which can be used in dry skin. These aftershaves then contain mostly plant extracts, which take over the disinfecting action of the alcohol.

For very delicate and very dry skin there are also Aftershave Balms, which are of the consistency like liquid creams and nurture the skin. Aftershave Balms are also available with or without alcohol.

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